• World Class Engineering

    World Class Engineering

    Our experienced, on-site team of design and technical sales engineers are ready to help you with the engineering side of your project.

  • The Laser Solution

    The Laser Solution

    When used in conjunction with our metal stamping and deep draw services, we’re able to achieve a high degree of precision, design flexibility and significant tooling cost savings.

  • Single Source Metal Stamping, Fabrication & Assembly Since 1896

    Single Source Metal Stamping, Fabrication & Assembly Since 1896

    Supplying quality precision metal stamping and deep drawn stamping products to an ever-changing marketplace remains a core strength of ours – a strength that’s endured for over 100 years.

Welcome to The Crosby Company! We are a vibrant, family-owned and operated company who works closely with our clients to properly plan, design and execute metal stamping projects – large and small, simple and complex.

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Why choose The Crosby Company?

Crosby Consultation

Consult with Crosby engineers whenever you require advice on part design or material selection that will facilitate your production.

Direct Customer Service

Crosby customers benefit from direct contact with technical staff, resulting in project success from start to finish.

Best Part, Lowest Price

Careful evaluation of your inquiries submitted for quotation, gives you the best possible part at the lowest price.

Name Your Material

Crosby is completely experienced in stamping all types of metals and alloys, and we only source our raw material from the highest quality suppliers.

Size is No Problem

Deep Draw or Big Parts, size is no problem. Crosby can stamp metals up to .750” thick, and deep draw up to 18” with diameters to 36”.

Value Added

Complimenting our metal stamping, our full line of value added and finishing services is a direct benefit to our customers, and their bottom line.

As an Aerospace and Defense company we are honored to have The Crosby Company as our main metal stamping supplier for over 25 years. The Crosby Company has maintained a 100% on time delivery. Quality, On time delivery, Customer service, and Cost effect pricing are all key components our industry needs to keep our customers safe and on schedule.
Barbara W., Orchard Park, NYAerospace and Defense Industry
The Crosby Company adapts well to the multitude of changes involving our drawings and delivery schedules. The Crosby Company provides competent engineer support, and works in concert with our engineer staff to better understand our changing needs. If I was to define the Crosby Company in a single phrase, it would be, “Can do, plus will be, equals have done.
Joe H., Spartanburg, SCRailroad & Transit Industry
For over 15 years, our 4th generation family business has relied on Crosby to supply us with hundreds of thousands of mild steel and stainless steel stamped parts. It’s been an easy decision to stay with a supplier that provides consistently high quality and reliable delivery with the competitive pricing we need. We have also come to appreciate some of their secondary capabilities, such as laser cutting and e-coat. They have not let us down.
Eric H., Westerlo, NYHose & Cable Reel Company

Case studies about how we’ve helped our clients

Valve Cover

Valve Cover — This item is made for a customer in the Aftermarket Automotive Industry...

Aluminum Metal Stamping
Wall Channel Bracket

Wall Channel Bracket – This item is made for a customer on the overhead...

Heavy Gauge Metal Stamping
Knife Cover Assembly

Knife Cover Assembly – This item is made for a customer in the Food...

Stainless Steel Metal Stamping
Narrow Style Cover

Narrow Style Cover – This item is made for a customer in the Commercial...

Bronze Metal Stamping
Spring Sleeve

Spring Sleeve – This item is made for a customer in the Railroad Industry,...

Precision Metal Stamping
Brake Housing

Brake Housing – This item is made for a customer in the Railroad Industry...

Carbon Steel Metal Stamping

We can help with your metal stamping project.

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