With our machining facilities, Crosby can finish our stamped and drawn products to our customer’s final drawing specifications. Parts can be trimmed to length, threaded, grooved, faced, turned or milled as necessary.

The Crosby Company has CNC machining capability as follows:


2 axis lathes with up to 21 inch diameter by 30 inches in length and up to 30 hp.


3 axis 15 hp vertical machining center with a work envelope of 59 in. x 25 in. x 35 in.

We also have standard manual machining capabilities that include vertical and horizontal milling, lathe turning, drilling, grinding, and shaping. We produce our own fixturing in house to support these operations.

With our wide array of equipment and expertise Crosby can provide turn key solutions for the joining of parts using conventional fastening or welding methods as well. For our customer welding requirements we have both resistance spot welding and robotic MIG welding capabilities. Our four robotic cells insure repeatable weld quality. The advantage of our automated process is speed when compared to more traditional manual weld methods. Shorter cycle times increase throughput and reduce your time to market. Combined with our metal stamping services, we can produce complex welded assemblies with superior quality.



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