The Crosby Company works with numerous types of metal alloys; however carbon steel is our most widely used material for metal stampings.

There are few different types of carbon steel, but the majority of carbon steel stampings used through the industry are comprised from low-carbon steel, or sometimes referred to as mild steel. There are virtually countless carbon steel metal stampings used throughout the world today, across every industry.  Commercial Quality and Draw Quality carbon steel is used to manufacture bridges, vehicle  panels, furniture, stock pots, brake housings, etc. Another popular carbon steel available is high-strength low-alloy steel, offering higher strength in relation to low-carbon steel.

Some of the main benefits of utilizing carbon steel metal stampings would be its superior price to performance value, as well as its strength to weight ratio.

The Crosby Company has over 115 years in experience with carbon steel metal stampings, so please contact us for a quotation for your project needs, and rest assured that you will be in good hands.

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