inner-deepDrawingDeep drawing is a technology that produces parts often considered beyond the limits of ordinary stamping techniques, and offers solid advantages in unit cost, weight savings, and design flexibility. It’s the process of forming a flat blank into a desired form. At Crosby, we specialize in the deep drawing of cylindrical, oval, square, rectangular or oblong shapes. And there are many shapes deep drawing can produce like cups, pans, cylinders, domes and hemispheres and irregular shaped products.

Our impressive array of presses, support equipment and years of engineering and manufacturing expertise allows us to satisfy both long and short run customer requirements. All products and components are produced within exacting tolerances and to strict quality inspection procedures.

Our deep draw capabilities include:

  • Presses up to 1,800 tons
  • Material thickness to .375 inches
  • Part diameters form 2 to 36 inches
  • Part depth up to 18 inches
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