Metal Stamping

inner-metalStampingSupplying quality precision metal stamping and deep drawn stamping products to an ever-changing marketplace remains a core strength of ours – a strength that’s endured for over 100 years.

We work with a wide range of materials including hot and cold rolled carbon steel, high strength low alloy (HSLA), brass, bronze, copper, aluminum and stainless steel. With press capabilities to 1,800 tons, utilizing progressive, transfer, single stage or gang die operations, with blank sizes up to 60 by 90 inch, and the ability to stamp materials up to .750 inches thick, Crosby is ideally positioned to meet any stamping requirement.

Supporting the stamping and deep draw capabilities, we also offer an attractive range of secondary services that include 3D laser cutting, robotic welding, CNC machining, assembly and material finishing services.

Are you currently using forgings or castings? Then talk to us. We’ll show you how you could significantly reduce your costs while improving the strength and durability of your product. By simply converting your casting or forging into a metal stamping, you’ll be adding to your competitive arsenal.

Our Metal Stamping services:

Our long and storied history is rooted in our craftsmanship and excellence. Explore the difference the Crosby Company brings to your job. There’s a reason we’ve been the go-to stamping solution since 1896.

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Brass Metal Stamping
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Dished Head – This item is made for a customer in the Medical Equipment...

Large Metal Stamping
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