Heavy Gauge Metal Stamping is a term used to describe a Metal Stamping that utilizes a raw material with an above average material thickness. In order to achieve a metal stamping made from a thicker grade of material, a stamping press with a higher tonnage is required.

Stamping thin metals, such as those widely used in the automotive and appliance industries has become a science. This is the result of perfecting better tests for determining mechanical properties and formability.

Blanking and forming thick metals, however, is still an art, requiring considerable expertise in specifying  proper materials, choosing the right presses, designing and building satisfactory tooling, and using the best lubricant. A major reason for this is that the inherent characteristics of thick metals necessitate special rolling mill practices. This generally results in a less homogenous product, requiring special stamping practices to compensate for variations in material properties and formability.

The Crosby Company specializes in heavy gauge metal stampings, and with press capabilities to 1,800 tons, utilizing progressive, transfer, single stage or gang die operations, and the ability to stamp materials up to .750 inches thick, Crosby is ideally positioned to satisfy your heavy gauge metal stamping requirements.

Some of the industries that The Crosby Company supplies Heavy Gauge Metal Stampings to include the large Valve and Power Distribution equipment, Trucking and Railroad equipment, Overhead Material Handling, Farming, and Defense Industries.

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