Metal Stamping vs Metal Casting

If you currently utilize metal castings, now may be the time to consider converting your product into a Metal Stamping. Often times, if your order requirements are in the hundreds or thousands of pieces, Metal Stamping will be a much more cost effective solution.

Some of the advantages of converting to Metal Stamping:

  • Stamping Dies are less costly and will often last for the lifetime of the part, versus Casting dies which are more expensive and may occasionally need to be replaced.
  • Per pound, material cost for Metal Stampings can be much lower, while also utilizing a stronger material.
  • The Stamping process is much quicker than the Casting process, thus greatly improving throughput with the end result being a faster on-time delivery.

Please contact one of our representatives today to learn more about how we can help you convert your Casting into a Metal Stamping.

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  1. will stamping be able to create controlled fine features—like edge radius, wall slope etc that comparable to casting.

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